This Guy Is Wondering If He Made A Mistake Lashing Out At His Sister’s Boyfriend

Families can be complicated, and for some people who have struggled to feel comfortable and supported to live as their most authentic selves, this can be doubly true.

This man has been happily living with his twin sister for most of his life. They’re very close, they help take care of each other, and helping ease the burden of single living expenses.

Then his sister began dating someone new, but things were still ok…for awhile.

I’m 24 male and my sister also 24 are twins. We have been close our entire lives, if she moved so did I and we would live together. It helped with money so she didnt have to pay the whole rent.

Well a year ago she started seeing Dan 26m. He wasnt bad starting off until he learned that I wasnt biologically male.

At a family dinner that included the boyfriend, some family members used OP’s dead name and the boyfriend learned for the first time that he was trans.

We were at my grandmother’s house for dinner with a few others from our family and my cousin used my dead name. I didnt blame her she didnt mean to say it but Dan looked at me and asked who Tracy was.

I looked at my sister she asked if it was ok to tell him and I told her it was fine. She told him that I’m trans and I go by Blake now and Tracy was my dead name. He just looked like I kicked his puppy then askes why.

He went on a completely transphobic rant that ended with him saying that the sister was “no longer allowed” to have anything to do with him, financially or otherwise.

Sis was trying to explain then he said that I was a shameful person and that my family should have kicked me out when they had the chance.

That hurt, alot then he said that he didnt want my sister around me anymore and that she is to stop any and all financial support. She makes more than I do and after all bills are paid I have nothing left for food.

OP thinks he’ll have to move in with his mother, since he’s no longer “allowed” to live with his sister.

The boyfriend made other assorted and disgusting threats as well.

I had to move in with my mom because I couldnt afford the rent any more and wanted Dan and my sister to have the apartment to themselves.

He said I needed to leave, I got up and started to leave and as I was grabbing my coat and going outside he followed me and told me that if I come around my sister or my family again he would make sure that I would never get financial support and that I would be homeless and he would take my truck ( I need a co-signer and he was the only one to do it) .

OP lashed out, yelling that he didn’t deserve his sister and if he really loved her he wouldn’t do this.

I’ll admit that I teared up and just yelled at him that he didn’t deserve my sister and if you loved my sister that he would have never said that and he wouldn’t keep my sister from me.

Now his mother has kicked him out and so he’s sleeping in his truck, and honestly, no one is really standing up for him at all.

I left and slept in my truck last night because my mom said that I wouldn’t be able to come home until I apologize to him.

My family’s tried to call me but I’ve tried to ignore it the only call I took was from my sister who doesn’t blame me at all she’s trying to convince me to come home but I can’t stay at their apartment and my mother still won’t let me come back.

I think I am because I could have just left but I yelled at him and now I think I just ruined her and his relationship.

Sadly, he thinks maybe he was wrong to yell at this total butt nugget, and I really hope Reddit is about to convince him that he’s not.

This is exactly what he needed to hear.

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The boyfriend should hav been the one out on his bum.

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We’re honestly all really worried.

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I really wish it wasn’t real, but…

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OP deserves way, way better.

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Y’all, I cannot with this family even more than with the boyfriend.

If his sister doesn’t dump him immediately then he needs to walk away and never look back.