This Guy Is Wondering If He’s a Jerk to Choose Sleeping With His Dogs Over His Girlfriend

I know how that title sounds, but listen – you just have to hear him out on this one. Most of us treat our dogs like family, but not everyone agrees that letting them sleep in the bed is the way to go.

We all make compromises when we enter into new relationships, especially when we get to the stage of moving in together, but for this guy, his new relationship with a woman and his decades-long relationship with his dogs have come to a head.

My girlfriend (20) and I (21) have been discussing moving in together in the same city, I have two dogs so we were discussing expectations and roles we’d play in the house. The dogs will be my responsibility only, not hers. She likes the dogs and is sweet to them. But last night we had a disagreement about sleep arrangements.

He has always slept with the dogs in his room. Not on the bed, mind you, but in the room, on the floor.

She says she’s not ok with this, and he’s obviously heartbroken at the thought of upending these dogs’ lives after they’ve been doing the same thing for their entire lives.

She said my dogs can’t sleep in our room. She doesn’t want them on the bed and neither do I, but she won’t even say yes to them on the floor. I have each of them for 8* years and they’ve spent almost every night of their life sleeping in the same room as me. If I were to kick them out of the room they would make a huge fuss and keep us up.

He came up with the solution of sleeping in the second room with the dogs, but she didn’t like that either – she feels like he’s choosing the dogs over her.

She said it’s non negotiable so i said I’ll just sleep in the second room with them, but that upset her too that i would sleep with them over her.

He wants to stand his ground for his heart and the dogs, but is wondering whether he’s making the wrong choice, here.

AITA for standing my ground about this? The dogs are my family, one of them is 11 and on his last few years and I’d feel mean for making my old pups change what they’ve been doing their entire life.

What does Reddit say? You know they love dogs, so…

They say she’s not wrong and neither is he, but this is an issue that could mean living together isn’t the right move. Womp-womp.

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People pointed out that, given the dogs’ ages, she could just compromise for now, and set the rule of no sleeping in the bedroom if there are future dogs.

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It’s probably good they’re having this “priorities and values” discussion now, actually.

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She’s not being cruel, but she’s also not showing a lot of empathy or willingness to compromise.

Just saying.

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This seems to be the general consensus.

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It might seem silly to think about ending an otherwise good relationship over where the dogs sleep, but listen – anyone who has been married or lived with someone knows how important it is to know where lines will be drawn ahead of time.

Should OP stand his ground? Give in? Give us your opinions in the comments!