This Guy Recited ‘Shrek’ Perfectly and People Are Saying They Love Him

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Next time you take a road trip, you might to consider bringing along this guy.

Photo Credit: Instagram, tjayk13

TJ Karras was on a road trip with his sister and parents when he decided to alleviate the boredom by reciting an entire scene from the animated film Shrek, complete with perfect impressions. Karras’ sister tweeted a video of the performance and it quickly went viral. Here is the man, the myth, the legend, in action.

TJ said: “I’ve always imitated Shrek scenes and quoted lines since I was younger, so their voices are easier to remember. As far as memorizing it all, I owe that to the amount of times I’ve watched it!”

Photo Credit: Instagram, tjayk13

People on Twitter showered Karras with praise.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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