This Hack to Make Your High-Waisted Jeans Fit Better Only Takes 5 Seconds

Photo Credit: iStock

There are a lot of great things about high-waisted jeans — they’re comfy, they’re flattering, and they never threaten to display your buttcrack to the world.

It can be hard, however, to find a pair of high-waisted jeans that actually fit. Unlike regular jeans, high-waisted jeans have to fit perfectly in multiple areas — your waist, your hips AND your butt!

Often, high-waisted jeans result in a weird baggy crotch situation, also known as a “front butt.” Other times, they are simply wayyy too big in the waist, which defeats the purpose of a high-waisted jean because they just… fall down.

Welp, social media has come through with a fix for that particular problem! There is a way to tighten the waist of your high-waisted jeans that does not involve a belt, a tailor, or anything except for your own two hands and about 5 seconds.

Ready? Here it is.


All you have to do is loop the button through a belt loop to cinch the waist tighter. Then button and zip your fly as usual and enjoy NOT feeling like your pants are about to fall down at any moment!!!

Mind blown.

This simple hack was first posted on Instagram, and then it made its way to Twitter. It has racked up over 21 million views.

Some people have shared photos of themselves trying the trick out. It does look a little… wonky, sometimes? And it doesn’t work for every jean type.

But for some pants, it does actually work!

Now, will somebody please invent adult jeans with a more realistic waist-to-hips ratio???