This Horse Hates Being Ridden, so He Plays Dead Until Riders Go Away

Image Credit: Facebook

I might not know a ton about horses, but I never imagined they could be total drama queens.

Like this horse, who goes to great, Oscar-worthy lengths to avoid carrying people on his back.

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Of course, horses can be irritable. There are plenty of ill-tempered horses who aren’t the best at for riding. But Jingang really takes the cake.

He doesn’t buck or bite when someone gets on his back. Oh no…

Image Credit: Facebook

He just collapses and pretends that he’s died. Because, as everyone knows, you can’t ride a dead horse.

Image Credit: Facebook

Owner Frasisco Zalasar made a video compilation of Jingang avoiding work with his dramatic deaths, and the video has amassed a lot of views.

I bet these views and likes spike on Monday mornings, when we can all identify with Jingang.

Image Credit: Facebook

Horses like this one must be how the phrase “horsing around” came to be – they’re quite good at it!