This Infographic Shows Every Species in the Cat Kingdom

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We all love our cats, no matter how much they misbehave and tear stuff up around the house. That’s why everyone needs to check out “The Chart of Cats” made by Pop Chart.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The chart breaks down the cat kingdom by species, and even people who consider themselves feline experts might be surprised by some of the information. For example, did you know that the domesticated cats we all know and love are in the same category as the Chinese Mountain Cat and the Black-Footed Cat of Africa?

Black-footed cat
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The chart also features an evolutionary timeline that dates back to 30 million years. Cats became domesticated roughly 10,000 years ago when humans began farming the land.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You can zoom in on the chart and explore by going HERE then licking on the magnifying glass below the chart.

Photo Credit: Pop Chart

Can you spot your kitty on there?