This Instagram Account Collects the Saddest-Sounding Places on Earth


SadTopographies is a downright hilarious Instagram account that collects names of places that are, frankly, totally depressing.

Would you want to live on Hopeless Way? I didn’t think so. Take a look at these places that’ll make you hang your head.

They also have a book available on Amazon.

1. Crying Child Island

2. Miserable Lake

3. Not a good intersection

4. Unfortunate

5. I need to move here

6. Or here…

7. Fail!

8. Sad Road

9. A whole cape of disappointment

10. A fun one

11. Take a dip

12. Pity Me

13. On the road again


15. What’s the point?

16. Totally useless

17. Meet me at the corner of…

18. Pointless

19. Looking to buy here

20. Now I’m depressed…