We all have that Insta or Tumblr or Twitter account that we follow because, in a world of people speaking truth to power, fighting for rights that are slipping away by the day and advocating for people whose voices are lost, sometimes we need to check in on an account that makes us feel unequivocally good.

Topdezigners is one of those pages for over 170k people (and counting).


Their Insta reports breathtaking, streamlined, modern, and innovative design solutions for the rooms in your home, both indoor and outdoor.


Seriously, if you’re into design at all, you could scroll through their feed for hours.


There are bedrooms.


And staircases.

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Wood Works by Ludovic Grasseler

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And art installations that could inspire the five-minute brain break you need.

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Wooden Clocks by @islam.002

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It’s all beautiful – and just waiting to be discovered.


I mean, you’re not even still reading this, are you?


You’re already scrolling.