This Kid Has the Most Dramatic Home Run During His Little League Game

Photo Credit: Twitter, TabbyRodriguez

Little League games are… well, let’s face it, they’re not always action-packed. Sure, we all love watching our kids play, but I think we can all also admit that the pace of the games tends to be a bit slow at younger age levels.

Well, one little guy decided to inject a little dose of fun to the game by doing the most dramatic run to home base I’ve ever seen.

If that doesn’t lend a touch of joy to a slow afternoon, I don’t know what will. Can’t you just hear the Chariots of Fire theme as he runs?


Even when an adult tries to nudge him to go faster, he doesn’t flinch for a second. Nope, this little guy is 100% committed to what he’s doing, making me think he’ll have a great career as a method actor some day.

It took him nearly 45 seconds to complete his agonizingly slow run, during which time the other parents at the game were surely feeling like this:

Photo Credit: Twitter, jday1916

h/t: Mashable

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