Mailwoman Accidentally Interrupted Girls Recording A TikTok Dance — She Then Became A Viral Star

Photo Credit: Pixabay

TikTok is chock-full of perfectly choreographed dance routines, seamlessly edited videos and perfectly timed jokes.

But occasionally, the social media platform manages to share an unscripted slice of life that shows how people really live.

This happened recently for TikTok user Alexis Dinga, who was trying to film a dance video with her friend.

Suddenly, the mailwoman showed up to drop off the mail and drove right in front of Dinga’s phone, which was recording. Utter adorableness ensues.

It’s literally too perfect. Just watch how the mail woman rolls with the punches when she realizes she’s on video:


IM CRYIN @collinskitchens #neverfitin #acnh #onecommunity #fail #viral #funny

♬ Party Girl – StaySolidRocky

People could NOT handle it. The video racked up millions of views overnight, so the two girls did what any logical person would do: They asked the mailwoman to star in another video with them.

She is SO cute I can’t even handle it:


y’all asked, SHE delivered 💙 #literally @collinskitchens

♬ original sound – Dj_yames

They tried to do the same thing in the grocery store parking lot, but apparently the cart attendant wasn’t super into it:


Dinga event printed out some commemorative photos for the mailwoman to remember the whole experience with:


go to my insta to find Annette and show her some love 💓 #surprise #gocrazydance @chrisbrownofficial

♬ Go Crazy – Chris Brown & Young Thug

The girls even showed their mailwoman a little extra love by giving her a box of gloves to wear while she delivers the mail.

Now how cute is that? We just love heartwarming stories like these. You just never know when a random interaction is going to make someone – or the whole internet – smile!

What’s your relationship like with your mail delivery person? Have you gotten to know each other over the years?

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