This Man From Minnesota Has the World’s Tallest Mohawk

Image Credit: YouTube

You probably know by now that there is literally a Guinness World Record for pretty much anything you can think of; if you have a thing and are committed enough to do it bigger and better than anyone else in the world (because there are always a few weirdos just like you), you could find yourself as an entry.

Some things, like the world’s longest tongue, are just strokes of genetic luck (?), while others like being able to crush the most apples with your biceps, and lifting the most weight with your beard, are things you could definitely work toward, if you had a hankering.

The latter category is where Joseph Grisamore of Park Rapids, Minnesota, who is now the world record holder for the tallest mohawk in the world, settled in.

His hair stands at 108.2 centimeters (42.5 inches, or 3.6 feet) tall, according to the official Guinness entry – and this wasn’t his first attempt to make it all the way.

Back in 2006, Grisamore attempted the record but fell short. Time time, with the help of his wife and his mother/hairstylist at Family Hair Affair, he made it all the way.

He had to start from scratch, which means he grew all nearly four feet of that hair in just seven years.

He takes the record from Eric Hahn of Omaha, Nebraska, who was very gracious in being usurped.

Who knows; maybe he has plans to try again!

If you were going to go for a world record, what would it be?

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