Man Gets In Verbal Fight With Racist Woman Who Couldn’t Believe He Belonged in First Class

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Unfortunately, stories from all over the country have made clear that doing pretty much anything while also being black can be enough for racists to call a person out – or call the police.

It’s a horrible comment on the state of affairs in the U.S., and a disappointing, frustrating, and humiliating way to expect African-Americans to live on a day-to day basis.

This man, though, when he was confronted by a terrible woman who questioned his right to be in a priority boarding line, had a response that left those in earshot literally applauding him.

DC-based music executive Emmit Walker was innocently waiting in line for his flight – right where he belonged – when a fellow passenger tried to cut in front of him.

When he wouldn’t move, she told him he was in the wrong place, because that was the line for priority boarding.

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Mr. Walker informed her that not only was he in the right place – see his first class boarding pass? – but that he had been there longer than she had, so he wouldn’t be moving.

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At which point she commented to her companion that he must have gotten the seat because he was in the military or something, and because they had paid for their first class seats, they should get to board first.

Which is when he said the best thing:

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The other passengers in line burst into applause, and people who read the story online wore out the hand-clap emoji, too.

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People are really glad he called her out.

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Like, REALLY glad.

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Because how dare she!

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When will people ever learn?

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Rightfully so. I wish everyone had the self-confidence and speaking ability to stand up for themselves in times like these.

But not as much as I wish there weren’t so many times like these.