This Man Refused a $40 Refund and Ended up Owning Over $200 in Court Fees

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Listen, here’s the thing. Yes, business people should follow best practices and always want to please their customers – especially when said customer is being completely reasonable.

But we all know there are some shady people out there running businesses, and they know full well that even if we’re made, most of us are also too lazy or too intimidated to take them to court over $40. 

One engraver in Australia took that battle – and lost it – after this man’s wife purchased an engraved dog tag for his father’s day gift.

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It’s supposed to contain an image of their daughter’s face, but as you can see, they received this nightmare fuel instead.

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He decided they wouldn’t be quietly ignoring the serious waste of money, got his ducks in a row, and marched down to demand a refund.

The man refused and acted like a bully, threatening to call the police.

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They left, posted a bad review (not the only one), and then suffered abuse on the post as the owner let them have it (not his first time).

The company ended the conversation by saying the police were involved and a restraining order was requested…none of which was true, confirmed the local police.

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This man was stubborn, though, and just knowing he was the better person wasn’t enough – they were headed to court.

And even though the mediator warned he may end up spending more money than the $40 to go forward, he did anyway – and won.

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Of course, he didn’t receive his money. And since he’s a real hero, he didn’t let it go, either, and received a court order allowing the local sheriff to enter the man’s business and take money totally $139 ($40 plus court fees).

The engraver didn’t want to back down, so the writ was issued and the amount went up to $225.

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In the end, the man got his $40 and then some, but there’s no way the money was sweeter than the satisfaction.

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Sometimes it’s not about the time or the money, but about the principle of the thing.

Which I know is a funny thing people say sometimes, but it’s true.

Would you have gone all the way here? I feel like it might have cost more money here it the States to see it through, but you never know!