This Man Wants to Educate People About ‘Peak Week’ After His Wife Tragically Died of an Asthma Attack


The heart-wrenching story of the death of 34-year-old Laura Levis highlights the dangers of asthma and how everyone should be prepared for respiratory emergencies.

Laura Levis passed away in September 2016 and her husband, Peter DeMarco, has taken it upon himself to spread awareness about what is known as “Peak Week,” a particularly dangerous time for asthmatics.

Tragically, Levis passed away outside of a hospital because the doors to the building were locked. Levis called 911 but when emergency responders reached her, she could not be resuscitated, and she died six days later.

Peter DeMarco’s wrote a powerful Twitter thread describing what happened to his beloved wife:

“If you have asthma as my wife Laura Levis did, there’s one week of the year that’s the most dangerous, say asthma doctors. It’s called “Asthma Peak Week”, and it starts today, Sept. 15.

Why is the 3rd week in September the most dangerous? For one it’s high ragweed pollen season, a huge trigger. Kids returning to school are also exposed to viruses, such as rhinovirus, that can set off attacks.

Laura’s attack struck during Peak Week, but she was totally unaware it existed. Perhaps she would have taken extra precautions had she known. That’s why I’m sharing Laura’s tragic story in this YouTube video, to spread the word.

Make sure your inhalers are filled, stock up on nebulizer fluid, and please TELL SOMEONE the moment an attack strikes. Incredibly, Laura died alone from her attack while trying to open a locked emergency room door. No one can anticipate the unexpected.”

Here is a YouTube video about the incident, created to spread awareness:

An awful story, to be sure, but it’s also one that we can all learn from. Visit the Lift4Laura Foundation to learn more and to find out how you can help