This Man’s Donut Shop Customers Come Early Every Day So He Can Get Back to His Ailing Wife

Image Credit: YouTube

If you’re the type of person who needs to read something warm and fuzzy every day, then keep this story close by for the mornings when pickings are slim.

California shop owner John Chhan and his wife, Stella, have owned and operated Donut City for 30 years. The Seal Beach community has always been supportive of the business (good donuts are hard to find, y’all), but after Stella suffered an aneurysm and had to enter a rehab facility, their customers went above and beyond to rally around the immigrant couple.

When they saw how Chhan was rushing to finish up at the shop every day so that he could go and be with his wife, they started to spread the word to the community to come and buy their donuts as soon as the shop opened so that Chhan could close early.

Photo Credit: YouTube

They first wanted to help through a GoFundMe, but when Chhan declined, word of mouth began to spread. According to Chhan, his donuts are gone early every single day. He can’t help but be thankful, both for the support of the community and the way his wife is improving after her medical ordeal.

“She can talk, she can write. Right now she’s trying to talk, swallow…eat something.”

This is what it looks like when people really “love their neighbors,” my friends, and the way the community figured out to best rally and support one of their own is truly inspiring. In the apropos words of another customer:

“It’s a blessing, really. We need more people like that to just help everybody out in whatever need they have.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Words are plentiful, my friends, but actions are fewer and harder. Take a lesson from the Seal Beach community and be ready to put them in place for your own, when the time comes. And until then, enjoy your local donuts.

I know I will.