This Map of the Cost of a Date Night in Each State Shows That Maybe You Can Put a Price on Love


Have you been on any dates lately? The money can really add up.

Recently, I took a girl out for a nice meal (Sonic Drive-In) and then to a free Bingo Extravaganza at the local Knights of Columbus Hall. I wonder why I haven’t heard back from her yet…

Anyway, the point is that dating in this day and age is EXPENSIVE. Obviously, taking a date out for a night on the town varies from state to state because of the cost of living, but across the board, it’s pretty pricey.

Match.com crunched the numbers, and in some places, a date is gonna hit you in the wallet harder than others.

A lot harder.

The top five most expensive states for a date night are:

New York, $297.27

New Jersey, $259.60

Hawaii, $239.95

Connecticut, $230.34

California, $226.35

It’s probably no surprise that the tri-state area around New York has three of the top-five most expensive entries. Although…$200??

The two least expensive states for date night? South Dakota and North Dakota, at $38.27 and $42.43, respectively. Those cold and snowy Dakotas aren’t looking that bad right now, are they?

Of course, the amount of money people spend on dates is going to vary wildly. Some folks prefer to be big spenders and wine and dine a guy or gal and drop hundreds of dollars. Others prefer to take a walk along the beach or go on a long bicycle ride together.

And, let’s face it: if you’re with the right person, getting stuck in an elevator can turn out to be a good time. Good luck out there in the dating world!