This Mexican Restaurant’s Signs Are as Big a Draw as Their Food

Image Credit: Instagram

There are a million restaurants out there, and people are always looking to find the next best one, right? So how – aside from good food, decent prices, and reliable service, of course – can businesses stand out from the crowd?

Well, El Arroyo is using a particular brand (they’re the “last queso stop before a bunch of yoga studios) to draw the crowd – and keep them coming back – in Austin, Texas. Even though they are legitimately well know for their food, their brilliant signs are putting them on the map.

The sign is changed every day, sometimes pop culture references or satirical statements, other times quirky observations or jokes, and people actually come eat just to see what it says.

Check out some of the best!

10. Truer words have never been said.


9. Double bonus points for a Mean Girls reference.


8. That’s the kind of bedroom talk I like.


7. They are definitely right.


6. Is that not how this works?


5. There is nothing more real than this.


4. Best take on the halftime show.


3. Move over, Folgers.


2. I like it when people get to the point.


1. You’ve gotta love Texas.


I admit, I kind of want to eat there now, too, and it’s not just because I have a weakness for queso!

And good news – if you have an idea for a sign, you can email them at sign@elarroyo.com and suggest it. You never know; maybe you’ll be famous next!