This Mom Has Had It with School Photographers Offering to Photoshop Kids

Image Credit: Twitter

School picture day is a tradition dating back, well, probably since there were cameras and schools. Part of the charm for parents is getting a yearly photograph that reminds you of exactly what your child looks like from year-to-year.

The good, the bad, and the ugly, because we all go through those phases, my friends.

But now, with technology and everything, school photographers are offering to make your kid look like his or her best – but not necessarily true – self.

One mom, though, isn’t having it.

What 8-year-old, Sam Walker asks, needs to be concerned about their tooth or skin color in a picture they didn’t want to take, anyway?

She spoke with Metro US to further explain her outrage.

“When you have a child who has some issues and so to suggest we can wipe that away you can look like everyone else is incredibly dangerous and very sad.”

Other parents, some of whom have children with skin conditions, agreed with her.

The photographer in question hasn’t commented, though we can all assume that they offer those additional services because some extra mom somewhere requested them.

That said, let’s all agree that kids are kids, and kid’s photos should come complete with some form of this mom’s checklist:

Please. Kids have so little that’s pure – let them have the terrible images that will show up on their wedding video one day, I’m begging you.