This Mom Ordered Her Daughter an Adorable “Moana” Cake…But Got a “Marijuana” Cake Instead


There are cake fails and then there are cake fails, and I think ordering an adorable Disney princess cake and walking away with a cake immortalizing one’s love for drugs is quite a doozy.

I mean, this is more than thinking you can re-create Bikini Bottom like the professional who posted the design on Facebook and ending up with a blue-green lump wearing a starfish bra, right?

Not that I’ve seen that happen. At all. Ahem.

Luckily, the daughter in question was celebrating her 25th birthday and not her 5th, which makes the situation more hilarious than tragic.

Image Credit: Facebook

Kensli Davis requested a Moana cake from an Atlanta bakery, and her mother complied, since one of the most important parts of planning and hosting a birthday party is to have the perfect cake for the guest of honor.

In case you’ve forgotten what Moana looks like:


When she went to pick it up, though, she opened the lid to find a cake decorated with a marijuana leaf and a totally stoned My Little Pony.

Can we just pause for a moment to appreciate the artistry behind this My Little Pony, though? I mean. It’s green, it’s emitting a puff of smoke, and it comes complete with bloodshot eyes.

Kensli posted a photograph to Facebook she thought it was so funny.

“So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana. (Because I really do). Well, needless to say these people thought she said marijuana.”

Other people have also been quick to see the humor in the situation; her post has gathered 12,000 reactions and 13,000 shares – most of which are the uber-appropriate “crying laughing” emoji.

And, like many stories involving cake and marijuana, this one has a happy ending.

“That ice cream cake was still good, though.”

And isn’t that really all that matters?