This Mom-Son Text Exchange Shows That Kids Will Never Understand Life Before the Internet

Image Credit: Facebook

Even those of us who did grow up without the internet stop and marvel from time to time about how easy everything is now and wonder aloud how we managed before things became so convenient.

That said, we do remember what it was like – and we know that everything worked just fine. We all survived, and we’re (somewhat) functional adults.

It can be striking to realize that there are now whole generations behind us who literally have zero concept of how they would accomplish everyday things without the help of email, texts, Blackboard, and the like.

Which is exactly how I felt reading this conversation between a woman and her college-aged son, who struggles to compute how on earth anyone navigated higher education twenty years ago.

The woman who posted the text conversation is a family friend, Barbara Noble Sobel, who called the screenshots “one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.”

It started with the question “how did any of college work before email?” and snowballed from there.

They eventually got to discussing how she landed her first job, and he wanted to know how they “linked” to more information.

And also lamented having to actually speak to someone to get a job.

Bless his heart.

But also, word.

There are definitely some things that are better about the way things work now. Especially for introverts.