This Mom Started a Business for Women to Crowdfund Their Plastic Surgery


Allegra Cole is a lot of things: mother to 8 children, model, sex therapist, and entrepreneur. She started out as a big bust model and has since grown into an icon of sorts of Instagram. Cole said of her followers, “They have seen me grow into a businesswoman, a plastic surgery maven, and an activist.”


Cole’s most recent business venture is focused on letting women crowdfund their plastic surgeries. Cole said she wants to help women “glow up” and be the best they can be. She’s had four breast surgeries, one tummy tuck, and two Brazilian butt lifts. She said,

“I feel like my plastic surgery gave me the outside that matched my inside. It gave me my sexy back! The confidence and empowerment I’ve felt from my surgeries and watching my body transform in front of my eyes has been the most amazing experience. I was so blessed that I felt it was my God-given destiny to pay it forward and help other women achieve their body goals.”


Cole’s website is called BoobJobs4Moms.com and she’s currently accepting applications from women. The site will feature various models, and if people like their stories they can buy photos and other content from the models.


Cole got the idea when she crowdfunded her second breast augmentation. She said, “I saw how much stress it took out of getting implants and I realized many women would get plastic surgery if the expense was taken care of – it would be a no-brainer.” Cole said her company is different from others: “The major drawback for me in the system I used to get my implants was that they gouged each woman for the funds they had raised. The company was also being unscrupulous with those funds and were eventually shut down completely.”


Cole believes that, at the end of the day, she is helping women in a big way.

“I know the toll it can take on a woman, even without having the expense of the surgery weighing down on her. Personally, I was already a resource for many friends and acquaintances. Women would come to me to ask for my advice on many different things, including surgery. I saw that I could create a business out of my God-given gift of gab.”


As for her own plastic surgeries, Cole says she plans to get even more breast implants and she will document the journey.