Mom Responds to Her Daughter’s Struggle with a Robotic Baby, People Are Very Entertained

©Facebook,Lawren Cole Galloway

Whenever I see teenagers on Jerry Springer or Maury talking about how desperately they want to have babies (while they’re still in high school), I always wonder if they ever had to do one of these mechanical baby exercises. The answer is probably not because, if they had, they’d realize that caring for even a robotic baby is hard, hard work.

A teenager named Olivia thought she’d have an easy early childhood education class…but nope. Her ‘walk in the park’ ended up teaching her a valuable lesson in just how difficult child rearing is. And her mom was there to capture it, of course!

Her mom, Lawren, shared this post on Facebook, which has since gone viral because you know every mom out there can relate to this scenario.

Doesn’t Olivia just look like exhaustion, personified?

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Lawren told Buzzfeed that after the assignment, “Olivia thinks she may adopt an older child, like a 10-year-old, when she’s ready to be a mom!”

I think it’s safe to say that “William” the robot did his part…