This Nerf Gun Vacuum Will Save Time… and Your Back

Image Credit: Amazon

I don’t think there’s any argument that Nerf gun battles are super fun – whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s just something fun about running around, ducking and hiding, and getting that perfect opportunity to blast someone you love in the rear end.

It’s the same with water guns, or paint guns, but Nerf does have one downside when compared to those other modes of destroying your family and friends – you have to gather up the darts afterward if you want to play again.

Image Credit: Amazon

If your back is screaming at the mere thought (I know mine is), this Nerf gun vacuum is here to sweep us all off our feet (while it sweeps the darts off the ground).

The Nerf Elite Dart Rover is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a vacuum that sucks up darts. My dad has something similar that picks up walnuts in his backyard, and it’s one of his favorite things ever.

Image Credit: Amazon

This device can pick up 100 darts at a time and deposits them in an included mesh bag for easy carrying and dumping. It has non-slip rubber wheels and an adjustable handle, so kids or adults can use it easily.

But I mean, obviously your kids are going to clean them up. Finger’s crossed.

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It is only meant to be used indoors, so you’re on your own for those big, outdoor battles (maybe try the walnut picker-upper?).

Image Credit: Amazon

The Nerf Elite Dart Rover is just $29.99 on Amazon, which is way cheaper than a trip to the chiropractor.

Now, if someone could come up with a way to stop my dog – and my two-year-old – from chewing the tips off the darts, that would be great.