This Person Is Wondering Whether or Not to Report Their Suspicious, Antisocial Behavior

I actually think that one of the more useful slogans from the past couple of decades is “see something, say something.” Too many people poke their nose where it doesn’t belong when they shouldn’t, then mind their own business when they really should be concerned, but to be fair, maybe it’s not always easy to tell the difference.

This concerned neighbor is in that tough spot, and so they’re taking to Reddit to find out whether saying something about their antisocial neighbor would make them a jerk.

OP says that they live in a “very desirable” apartment complex (they own) with extensive gardens that are typically for looking and not touching.

When they noticed a woman using them to sunbathe they asked whether or not she lived there and she said she did – they later confirmed when seeing her coming and going.

I own an apartment in a very desirable building with extensive maintained grounds. These grounds are purely ornamental though and never used as a garden. Most residents have balconies however some of the one bed apartments don’t. Irregardless, in my two years of living here, I have never seen anyone use the grounds as if it is their personal space.

We have been experiencing a heatwave and for the last four days, I have noticed a woman sunbathing on the grass. She brings a blanket and a book and is out there for hours, reading in a bikini top and shorts.

On the first day, I asked her if she lived in the building and she said she did, having recently moved in. Later on, I saw her access the building with keys so I don’t think she was lying. She was literally out there from 10am till 4pm.

The next time they saw her they told her the gardens were not to be used “that way,” but backed down when she said she was told they were communal and that’s one of the reasons she chose to live there.

Today, I saw her again and let her know that the gardens weren’t to be used in that way. She told me she was a resident (I think she rents as I know most owners in the building) and was under the impression the outdoor space is communal. She mentioned her realtor had told her that and it was a huge reason as to why she moved here.

Later, they chose to share a picture of her in her bathing suit with the tenant Whatsapp, where some (supposedly) agreed while others thought they were being weird.

I was a little intimidated by her so didn’t argue too long, just reinforced that the grounds weren’t for sunbathing but I later shared a photo of her from my window and shared it with the residents WhatsApp group, to remind others to call out this anti social behaviour. Some residents agreed but others said I was being weird.

Someone added the new lady, who basically told OP to go piss up a rope.

Someone added the new tennant to the group and she posted a long message approving If her attire made people uncomfortable but she wasn’t going to stay inside in 30c heat when she has green space right outside.

Now they’re considering reporting her to the landlord for her “behavior” but are wondering whether or not they’re going too far.

I am considering reporting her to the landlord if she continues, am I the asshole? There are plenty of parks nearby.

They added this in an edit:

English is not my native language and I am not based in America so we may have different understanding of the word antisocial. In my country, annoyance to your neighbours is antisocial. Her lying outside half naked makes our building look tacky, she makes it look like a university dorm. This could lead to apartments losing value.

I know she rents as there is great demand for apartments in this block and it’s a big deal when one is for sale. I don’t imagine she lives in a flat with a balcony. I don’t think I am being classist either as these apartments are all very expensive and she must pay expensive rent to live here. I also don’t think she would pay towards grounds costs, her landlord would.

I wouldn’t mind so much if she placed her blanket slightly further away from the front lawn as she’s on full display for anyone approaching the building.

I do not get why she can’t go to a park, she is already comfortable being half naked in public so why not a park?

I will accept that I shouldn’t contact her landlord about this and perhaps there was no need to photograph her but I still maintain that sunbathing out front, in public view, is tacky and is a serious annoyance to neighbours everywhere.

Let’s let Reddit sink their teeth into this one, yeah?

It really doesn’t make sense that it’s bothering them so much.

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The picture thing makes it more than a little creepy.

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Maybe OP should just…not look?

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There are too many people like this, if you ask me.

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There’s really no dissent here.

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Basically, OP is creepy and snobby and needs to mind their own business – your neighbor sunbathing in the garden is not something that needs to be reported.

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