This Person Wonders Whether They’re Wrong to Take What’s Legally Theirs if It Hurts Someone Else in the Process

The law can be confusing, especially when you’re young and older relatives – who you’re supposed to be able to trust to guide you in times of trouble.

Too many times, though, the opposite happens. Someone gets taken advantage of, and the only recourse is to bring in more lawyers, who inevitably widen the rifts that were put there previously.

For this kid, it all began with the death of his father. His mother is suffering from dementia, and so in her stead, her family “inherited” and then sold their family home for a ridiculously cheap price.

My father passed away a few years ago and my adopted mom (who is old and has dementia) relatives sold my father’s and my mom’s house for half of the value with everything inside in a rush sale.

I did not know the law that time and was told by my moms relatives that my father had no WILL so everything automatically went to my mom and her family.

Then OP found out that the law actually says that a person’s children, not their spouse, inherits the property, which means the house was his to keep or sell as he saw fit.

He confirmed this with an attorney, who confirmed that OPs fears were correct and this family had taken advantage of his lack of experience.

I came across an article that in that country that when a person dies with out a will their heirs/children automatically inherit the estate. The estate can not be sold with out all heirs agreeing. If it is sold the sale will be void. I have contacted a lawyer and it was true. I can get the house back by simply showing my birth certificate, also because my mom has dementia she is not capable of doing a sale.

After the lawyer went to talk to OP’s mother the family got wind of his inquiries and intentions, and all hell has broken loose.

The lawyer went to meet with my mom on my behalf to ask a few questions about the sale of the house. Her relatives heard everything then started attacking me online and making nasty post about me how I was going to kick a family out a house because of pure “greed” that I already have a house in USA. I’m greedy to have another house. They threathen that they will get the new owners to sue me etc.

They’ve brought up the fact that, if OP takes the house back and wants to sell it for full price, he will be evicting the people who bought the house.

My mom’s relatives don’t work and used the money of the sale of the house for their own benefit, so not only will they have to return all the money , the new owners of the house will now have to look for somewhere else to live, which they can no longer afford a house because the house was sold for half of the market value, and that is what they will be getting back?

WIBTA for possibly kicking them out?

This has him wondering whether this makes him a jerk, and so he’s asking Reddit.

Here’s what they had to say.

The first comment reminds OP that he’s not in the wrong here, and sad that the outcome may be, it’s not his fault.

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Several people pointed out that the people who got such a “great deal” on the house probably sensed something fishy was afoot.

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Also, this is not how family is supposed to act.

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He should place the blame squarely where it belongs.

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OP can always give the family legitimate options once the dust settles, after all.

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I’m totally with the commenters here, even though I would be feeling guilty like OP, too.

What about you? Would you have similar qualms or no? Tell us about it in the comments!