This Saxophonist Serenaded Cows by the Roadside and It Is Adorable


Cows probably don’t get a whole lot of entertainment while they’re out there in the pasture. That’s why Rick Herrmann nailed it when he stopped on a rural road in Oregon and serenaded a pasture full of cows with his saxophone.

Rick’s daughter, Erin Herrmann, posted the videos her father playing his smooth sax to the cattle. The crowd of cows just couldn’t resist these silky tunes.

The videos went viral because… duh!

Wait for the neighbor to shout “Tequila” at the end of this one!

I love it!

Herrmann said he’s been playing the sax for about seven months, and when he saw a video of people playing music for animals him and his wife took a ride so he could play for some cows nearby.

“I thought they might be curious. I guess I didn’t expect them to crowd the fence so much.”

Erin Herrmann said that the cows appreciated her father’s playing much more than the family dog.

“Our dog, Piper, hates the noise so much, she even chewed up all his reeds once. My dad was running by the field on June 25 and thought that maybe the cows would appreciate his music more than Piper would. He was definitely right! We always talk to and go see the cows near the house because they are his favorite animal and they make his so happy … He’s just such a good hearted guy and likes to be goofy and enjoy the simple things in life! He loves that he’s making people so happy!”

The story went viral in such a big way that even legendary sax player Kenny G weighed in on the story.

Nice work, Mr. Herrmann, and keep at it!

There are a lot of animals out there who wouldn’t mind a break from their daily routines.