This Simple Template Lets You Draw a Duck – So Naturally People Went Nuts on It

Image Credit: Smol Animal Memes

Art is notoriously subjective – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that – but when the owners of the Facebook page Smol Animal Memes posted a partially drawn duck and asked people to fill in the rest, they never guessed how much delight their followers would get from the request.

Check out our 10 favorite creations below!

10. A duck that coaches little league.

9. It’s still a duck. Technically.

8. Nothing wrong with classic elegance.

7. Wet angry duck.

6. A little duck humor.

5. This very cute duck.

4. Happy Little Accident Duck

3. A very elaborate old duck.

2. This time he’s not the munchie.

1. They call me CAPTAIN DUCK.

As someone who is not visually creative, these are just blowing me away!

Are you someone who draws? How would you have finished this? The possibilities are endless!