This Special Egg-Collecting Apron Has a Total of 19 Egg-Sized Pockets

Photo Credit: Etsy, Treasures By Neissa

If you’ve ever wished you could carry over a dozen eggs at a time without a stupid, annoying basket, you’re finally in luck! An Etsy seller created an apron that has 19 pockets so it can carry 19 individual eggs.

The Egg-cellent Apron was designed by Heart Hook Home, a blog and Etsy store that creates fun crochet patterns. It’s for gathering eggs, obviously — perfect for chicken farmers, Easter egg hunters, or anyone who’s cooking a lot of eggs and whose fridge is way too far away from their stove.

Photo Credit: Etsy, Heart Hook Home

Heart Hook Home only sells the crochet pattern, though, so you have to make the apron yourself. There’s also a child-sized version that holds a minuscule eight eggs.

The Etsy description reads:

“For this egg-cellent egg gathering apron we will create a back/main portion, three strips that we will use for pockets, one large pocket is placed last, for your cell phone, to-do list, pen… whatever. Then we will add a strap, doubled-up for added durability.”

Photo Credit: Etsy, Heart Hook Home

Other Etsy sellers, like Treasures By Neissa, offer a ready-made version for a higher price tag.

“My egg apron makes it easy to collect and carry your daily eggs. I have a small flock at home that I really enjoy taking care of and I love that my apron has individual pockets for each egg. It has 20 total pockets. It holds 19 eggs and has one large pocket perfect for your cell phone or other things.”

It’s not just good for eggs, either.

“I have a confession… I also use mine when collecting tomatoes!” Neissa says.

With that many pockets, the possibilities are endless.