This Spoof on Millennial Boyfriends Is So Accurate, You’ll Laugh-Cry into Your Rose

Photo Credit: Facebook, Trey N Kennedy

Whether you are a Millennial or Gen Xer male, get your number two pencils—I mean, notepad app—for lessons on how to date a Millennial female. Trust me, this is not only valuable information to win the twenty first-century girl, but it’s also freaking hysterical.

Trey Kennedy, a comedian best known for his Instagram and Vine videos, has racked up over 8 Million views for his video: “Millennial Boyfriend School” coining it: “Teaching twentieth century dudes to deal with all her moves” and it’s brilliant because it’s so true.

Millennial Boyfriend School

Millennial Boyfriend School

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Friday, January 25, 2019

A few stand out teaching will help any man snag the social meme queens and selfie stars:

  • SPIRIT! The secret to making your lady happy:
    • Sushi
    • Pizza
    • Ice cream
    • Rose
    • Iced coffee
    • Tacos
  • “Who in here thinks you should be the only man in her life? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. There’s gonna be two other men in her life: one’s named Ben, one’s named Jerry.”
  • “Any Bachelor fans in the house? All of your hands should be raised. You will be. And if she asks if any of the girls on the show are pretty, remember this: ‘Play dumb, save your bum.'”
  • “She’s not making a detailed Pinterest board of her dream wedding board for her health. Think Pin-ter-est, buy my this”
  • “If you go on vacation with your girl, you are no longer her boyfriend…you are her photographer. You are a boomerang specialist. You are a freaking paparazzi.”

You might think this advice is “SUCK-ulent” but I’m sure it got a “LAUGH-odil” or two. Either way, happy dating!