This “Star Wars” Uber-Fan Has Had Enough of Your Complaints About the Newest Films

Image Credit: Instagram

People are mighty sensitive about their fandoms, and that seems to go double (or triple) for Star Wars. It could be because the franchise has been around since the 70s, because it’s tied to so many of our childhoods, or because more than one generation has now claimed it as their own, but folks have been downright salty about the handling of this final chapter.

That said, there is at least one person who isn’t here for your complaints, and he’s clapped back in an epic twitter thread.

It begins with him informing young ‘uns about the horrors that were watching Episodes 1-3 for the first time, in a theater.

Yes, a space diner.

And goes on to address issues with how Luke Skywalker and Palpatine were treated soooo unfairly boohoo.

We aren’t here for your bs expectations of logic, newbies.

Then we get reminders of how terrible these two moments were…

Before he hightails it because the Prequel Fans (all 5 of them) have come out in force.

The moral of the story? Sit down and enjoy your Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams Star Wars because nothing is more disappointing than 1-3.


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