This Super Easy BAND-AID Hack Can Help Your Acne Disappear

No matter how old you are, I don’t think anyone enjoys getting a zit. That goes double (or more) when more zits join the first, leaving you with a full-blown outbreak of acne. We’ve all tried the soaps, the scrubs, the pills, the diet changes, but sometimes, nothing helps.

Nothing, it turns out, except this BAND-AID hack that some TikTokers are making public knowledge.

The idea came out of the popularity of “pimple patches,” little stickers that absorb pus and gunk, letting your skin heal more quickly after an outbreak. If you were alive and going through puberty in the nineties or early aughts, you probably remember something similar – a Biore pore strip – that pulled out blackheads and was disturbingly, addictively, disgusting to look at.


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Some kids on TikTok are getting similar – and sometimes better and faster – results from using hydrocolloid bandages instead.

Users stick the bandages on their faces, then remove them the following morning to smooth and clear skin.


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You can purchase the bandages at your local drug store, of course, making them a cheap and effective option.


TW: taking off gross bandages. Part 2 #hydrocolloidbandages

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That said, some users did point out that actual pimple patches have some pluses, like having cute designs, being easier to remove without pain, and including additional ingredients like tea tree oil and salicylic acid that could help destroy those stubborn zits.

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There you go! I think this is very interesting advice and will definitely keep it in the back of my mind as my kiddos grow into teens.

And, you know. For the next time my own hormones get the better of me.

What do you think about these methods? Have you tried them? Do they work?

Let us know in the comments!