This Teacher Uses Band-Aids to Show the Difference Between Equity and Equality


Some social concepts can be hard to grasp and apply, even for adults who technically understand what words mean and why they are different. Take, for example, the words ‘equity’ and ‘equality.’ The first means everyone is given the accommodation they need to be on the same level as their peers while the second means giving everyone the exact same thing.

The Tumblr post below illustrates the difference through images:

It all began with this post.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

But how would you explain this to a classroom full of 8-year-old children? It might seem to you that the concept is too big and unwieldy to teach kids, but I guess that’s why people like Tumblr user aloneindarknes7 are teachers and the rest of us aren’t.

Her post, which originally appeared on Citizenship and Social Justice, a blog that “tracks primarily issues of class, race, gender, education, and activism,” spells out how she tackles this issue with her students.

Aloneindarknes7 has been a teacher for three years and says she learned the technique from another teacher, and that they both enjoy figuring out how to impart big social concepts to eager young minds. The post below should even help a few adults grasp the concept, too!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

What do you think? The Internet is loving this, and it seems like other teachers might be tackling it using a box of Band-Aids themselves!