This Teenager Got Someone Fired From Their Job. Are They Wrong?

How terrible would you feel if you got someone fired from their job?

I guess it would depend on the circumstances but I’d feel pretty horrible unless they did something really awful.

And this teenager wants to know if he is an a**hole for getting someone fired who confronted him at his dad’s work.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

AITA for getting a guy fired for confronting me in the lobby where my dad works?

“This happened last Thursday btw.

My dad is one of the executives at a media tech company. Before covid I (16M) was always there after school. It’s a pretty big building. Some of the offices there are closed because people are working from home so it’s not so many people hanging in the lobby like before.

My mom dropped me off there because my dad was in a meeting and we were gonna go eat lunch after. I’m there waiting in the lobby with my backpack and this guy from across keeps looking at me. He’s there with some other people. The lobby is big so there’s always others that are there on lunch break.

Then he comes to me trying to be friendly at first then he asks if I work in the building. It’s obvious I don’t work there so don’t know why he asked. Everyone is else is in suits with their security pass sticking out. I told him i’m waiting for someone. He says only employees are allowed in the lobby because of covid.

It’s obviously bulls**t. They haven’t made any rules like that.

But he wouldn’t leave me alone. The security guy that was at the front even told him so when he tried to ask him to “escort me out”. He looked annoyed by then and telling me that lots of homeless people have come in lying about that too so to just leave already. Security at the desk told him I’m allowed to be there.

It was back and forth for like almost 10 mins. I’m already pi**ed. So told him to just f**k off already. When I told him who my dad was he laughed like he didn’t believe me. My dad texted me then that he’s outside so all I said was whatever.

In the car my dad saw I was mad and after I told him what he happened he was asking me do I remember the guy’s name, if he said which department he’s from what he was wearing. I just told him what I remember.

He ended up finding out who he was and called up his supervisor. They let the guy go. My dad says the guy should’ve known better than to lie or cause a scene like that in their building. He told me to drop it. I just didn’t think they were gonna that extreme with it.

My dad was really mad about it. I keep thinking about it now. If I shouldn’t have said anything at all. He was being a dick yeah and I was mad.

Does it make me an a**hole that I helped get him fired though?”

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