This Teenager’s Pre-Op Artwork Made His Surgical Team Laugh So Hard It Delayed His Surgery


It’s always nice when you can make someone’s day, even if it only comes about because you were really bored and someone gave you a Sharpie.

Which is kind of what happened to this kid while he was waiting for his knee surgery.

Making sure the doctors remember which knee needs surgery. And off I go!

The surgeon gave him a marker and told him to mark the correct knee (just in case!) and put an ‘X’ on the wrong knee, but when he found himself with extra time (as you often do in hospitals) he started writing other instructions on himself, as well.

No one was the wiser until they peeled back the sheet in the operating room, and well…there was a delay.

Read for yourself!

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Other people on Reddit loved the story, too, with some having surprisingly similar stories.

Never forget that you have the power to make someone’s day – even if you have to deface your naked body to do it.