This Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Looks Entirely Too Realistic

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Food Insider

Imagine this: You’re finally sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner after making it through the absolute hellscape that is holiday travel. The entire family is hungry and ready to EAT. Finally, the turkey comes out of the oven — but it looks completely raw. You feel sick with disappointment. Then someone cuts the turkey open, and you feel even worse: it’s not a turkey at all, but a cake.

If you’re in baker Sarah Hardy’s family, this scenario is actually within the realm of possibility. Sarah specializes in making ultra-realistic cakes that resemble other weird objects, and her latest specialty is a cake that looks like a raw turkey. It’s made of several layers of sponge cake and buttercream icing.


Making just one of these cakes can take Sarah days. It costs over $600.

“Honestly, I was making weird stuff all the way through my life,” Sarah told Insider. She also sculpts cakes to look like dismembered body parts and dead animals. “I’m just interested in natural history, internal organs, historical artifacts. If I like it and it’s cool, I’ll just make it edible.”

The turkey cake has gone viral on Twitter, and people are having some really strong reactions to it.


A lot of people pointed out the raw appearance of the turkey, which would probably prevent anyone from cutting into it in the first place.


Some people imagined what would go down if they attempted this prank on their own families, and…

Yeah, not a smart idea.


Sarah, who is based in the UK, says her style of baking is “admittedly not for everyone.”

Indeed not, Sarah. Indeed not.