This Twitter Thread Is Full of Women Who Definitely Don’t Look Their Age


When @shipilkins tweeted a flattering picture of her gorgeous, definitely-doesn’t-look-43-year-old mother, she had no idea she’d get over 25k likes.

She also didn’t realize that she had just started an amazing thread of other women honoring their own youthful moms.

Let’s take a look at this stunner!

First off… wow. That lady has been living right.

43? More like 23. Yowzaa!

But yes… an amazing thread is  exactly what happened, though, and there’s not much more adorable or wholesome on the internet than a bunch of pretty women getting recognized by their adoring kids.

I mean, come on – check these ladies out!

That skin!

They look so cute together. Squeeee!

60? No way!

Somebody’s living the right way, definitely!

I do not believe she’s 40.

If that’s true… she’s the youngest 40 I’ve ever seen.

A 48-year-old teacher that obviously sucks youth from her students.

Walking a dog does tend to keep you younger, though. Great exercise!

Some people are grandmas at 48…

And I mean… wow. Grandma is gorg!

45 and happy!

Get out there girl!

41 and she is divine.

This actually looks like a stock photo! Mom is a model, for sure!

Here’s hoping I look good enough to join this list one day! I mean… these ladies are absolutely radiant!

Should this matter? Of course not. But… yanno… it’s nice to feel good about how you look.

Alright, so now we want to hear from you. Which one of these moms were you genuinely surprised by? Have any photos of your moms that you want to share?

Let us know in the comments!