This Ultimate Bridezilla Makes Her Guests Cover Tattoos and Dye Their Hair

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A wedding day is based on love and union. A special time to join families and two people on their happily ever after.

Except when it’s not. There are copious amounts of stories about how some brides take “their day” to the ultimate extreme. But this story takes the cake!

A wedding guest (a close friend of the groom) posted her bridezilla attack in a Facebook wedding shaming group. And it went viral! The bride (who remains anonymous) asked her to cover her tattoos and and dye her hair because they “clash with the wedding theme”. Give me a break, right?

The guest writes:

“Shaming this bride to be. I have worked really hard to get along with this girl. I was originally friends with her fiancé & when she and him got together my partner and I were not fans of her. But she is usually pretty sweet and makes him super happy so we made an effort to like her & become good friends. She has been kind of challenging at times but mostly we’ve gotten along.

They’re getting married in December and she’s just texted me this. I have tattoos down both my arms to my wrists – the venue is outdoors and in the hottest part of the year and she expects me to wear a long sleeved dress or a jacket? Not to mention dye my goddamn hair.”

So why the sudden attack on the guest? Perhaps the bride’s got some brewing jealousy for her.

“She mentions me texting her fiancé because anytime I text him about plans she gets super pissed and claims I’m trying to cut her out – even though they’re both always invited.

Edit: I haven’t told the fiancé yet, but we are seeing them in two weeks so I’ll bring it up in person, just trying to avoid making things worse by texting him 🙄”

What did the texts say? Take a gander…

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The guest has a good point.

Summer isn’t made for long sleeves! And keep in mind, this friend of the groom is not in the wedding party. She’s a guest!

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Suck it up?!

Wow, this bride has zero empathy for people.

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And the bride could care less about her guest’s financial set back. It’s all about the wedding and “how it looks.” This bridezilla has her prioritize misaligned!

But this isn’t the end of it. The blue-haired wedding guest followed up with some pretty interesting updates from the groom. Ouch.


Sorry it took so long but between this and some family junk the last two days have been nuts. I am writing this right before bed so if I don’t answer any questions I’m probably asleep lol.


I called [Groom] on Saturday & asked about catching up. He was really weird and vague about it and I immediately thought he knew about the post 😂

But about an hour later he texted me and asked to get a beer last night. Just him and us (my partner came too), no [Bride]

So we met up last night and HOLY SHIT [Bride] – but there are kind of reasons.

So [Groom] asks me if I’ve spoken to her lately and I just decide to dive straight in and tell him about the texts. Show them to him. And he says he thought I must’ve gotten something because she has been sending crazy af demands to basically everyone. These are the worst ones.

– Demanded the MOH cut her hair short so it wouldn’t be longer than hers on the day
– Told all his groomsmen (behind his back) that they would have to wear full tux’s on the day
– Texted all the male guests she could telling the full suits were required on the day & they would be barred from entry if they aren’t wearing one
– Sent the officiant a script for the day which was like a 2 hour ceremony and said if she deviated she would not be paid (the officiant threatened to cancel)
– Called his mother and told her she needed to dye her hair brunette because she needed to be the only blonde on the day
– They also said children welcome on invites but she texted a bunch of their friends who have kids saying their kids were not well behaved enough to come that only people with good children could bring them
– Told a few guests who had dietary requirements that they were just pretending so they could get special food and they wouldn’t be accomodated

[Groom] had no idea about any of these until his mother called him furious about the hair thing on Thursday & he discovered all the other crazy shit she had said. There was more but these were the main things.


[Groom] isn’t going to dump her, apparently she’s had some issues with her family (I’m not going to say what cause it would be really uncool to share her private family matters) and he thinks that’s the cause of this sudden unreasonableness. She was totally on track before that and the suddenly in like a 3 day span sent all this stuff. They are considering postponing the wedding though.

It absolutely does not make her rude ass behaviour okay, but it does make a little more sense because she was being unbelievably ridiculous. Poor [Groom] has been trying to patch things over since finding out & trying to avoid having half his friends and family cut them out.

[Groom] does want to have her apologise to everyone but she’s still in a bad place & isn’t going to be doing that yet at least.

Sooooo yeah. I mean I feel bad that she’s having a hard time but also man holy fuck poor every person who has been on the receiving end of this stuff.

I did tell him about the post and the articles about it but honestly I don’t think he really cared, he just wanted to drink and talk. But he’ll tell her & I said if she wants to talk to me about it she can.
Minor Update: Okay so no she hasn’t seen this yet 😬 I am going to try and reach out the the fiancé today instead of waiting two weeks just because this has spread more than I anticipated lol. I will update after I talk to him or with anything else lol.”

Oh no she didn’t! Telling the MOH to cut her hair? And that only “good children” are invited? Okay, so yeah, we get it, the Bride is having family issues, but wow.

The Facebook community lit up with their take.

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Can you blame them?

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Commenters gonna comment!

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And then there was the other side…

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Such is life and weddings. I hope it all works out!

What do you think? Is this bride unreasonable? Or should the wedding guest show up “as is”?

I have my take, but tell us yours!