This Viral Photo of a Woman’s Milk Ducts Is Shocking, If Not Entirely Accurate

Image Credit: Twitter

Once you check out this image of what a woman’s milk ducts look like, you’re going to realize two things: first, you’ve never seen an image of the female muscular system before today (thanks, education system), and two, the human body is just as amazing as you keep forgetting it is on a daily basis.

Seriously, though, how is every illustration I saw in biology class of the male form? That’s ridiculous.

As a nursing woman, I am aware of the awesome power that my body possesses – I grew a child, I brought said child into the world through a not-unmiraculous birth, and, for the past 5 months, I have been nourishing said child with nothing other than that very same body.

We take it for granted some days, but not today.

Not today.

Because check this out.


When I first saw it, I thought someone was “censoring” the boobs with flowers but no. Women are pretty on the inside, too!

And people on the internet are just as amazed as I am (and you are!). Rightfully so.




So….the image in question shocked everyone and made them realize that they’d only seen male representations of what lies beneath our skin, but scientists have since pointed out that the depiction is not entirely accurate, as milk ducts contain no skeletal muscle.

Milk flows into the nipple from lobules, which is what is depicted in the image above, but they’re not symmetrical or uniform and are not made of muscle.

An accurate depiction looks like this – still pretty cool, if you ask me – and also probably just as likely to freak people out.

Image Credit: ABC.net

Although, idk. Flower boobs might have been the thing that did it.