Couple Goes On First Date, Waiter Saves The Day When Guy Can’t Afford The Bill

Image Credit: Pixabay

It’s much easier to be cynical than not, especially when it comes to love and relationships in this “swipe right” world of dating. Perhaps that’s why, when one man tweeted his observations of the couple at the next table, the internet was suddenly filled with sliced onions.

Cause they make you tear up, guys. #crying.

The night began when Tim (@forwardnotback) noticed a couple near him in a restaurant that seemed to be on their first date.

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He continued to provide details while we all waited for the other shoe to drop….

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That, thankfully, it never did.

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Unless you count this:

Photo Credit: Twitter

That’s right – the brilliant waiter saved the day by offering what was surely not actually complimentary champagne.


Believe in love, my friends. It exists!