This Waffle Maker Makes LEGO-Style Breakfast Bricks

Cool waffle makers abound these days – you can turn your breakfast into Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse, whatever strikes your fancy.

And now, you can build yourself some buildings!

Image Credit: Waffle Wow

Yeah, that’s right. I’m sure that you or someone you love is super into LEGO, and this waffle maker will make it so you don’t have to stop building just because it’s time to eat.

Waffle Wow (by Cucina Pro) is the mind behind the Building Brick Waffle Maker, which cooks LEGO bricks that yes, are actually stackable.

Image Credit: Waffle Wow

So, you’re going to have to stop telling your kids not to play with their food, because you’re all definitely going to be cobbling together some cool project before dousing it with butter and syrup and scarfing it down.

Waffle wow indeed!

Image Credit: Waffle Wow

The Building Brick Waffle Maker is the world’s first home & kitchen small appliance gadget that grants small and big kids alike permission to play with their food!

Image Credit: Waffle Wow

If you want to nab one, though, you’ll have to support their Kickstarter (I mean, this is a no-brainer that it’s going to get funded, right, so why not get those perks while you can?

All of these pictures show how elaborate you can get with your breakfast, and they also remind me that I am just not good at whatever part of the creative brain is used to do LEGO.


It still looks pretty fun, though, which means kids everywhere are going to actually want to come to the table for breakfast.

Which, in my house, is worth just about anything I have to pay to get it – so sign me up!