Vogue Magazine’s Bizarre 1970s ‘Wine And Egg’ Diet


Now, let’s preface this article with the truth that there are too many weird diets out there to count. They didn’t start in the ’70s and they don’t seem to be ending any time soon – health often doesn’t have much to do with why people start recommending one thing or another, either. Doctors and nutritionists haven’t changed too much over the past several decades when advising on what sorts of foods humans need and in what quantities, but there’s always some new fad running around that makes people wonder if we’ve all been doing it wrong.

If you love steak, eggs, and wine, then this diet – recommended by Vogue – is going to seem like everything right.

Let’s take a look.

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For breakfast, you get 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 glass of dry white wine, and coffee. So, getting coffee is nice. It could help sober you up from drinking the wine on a mostly empty stomach.

For lunch, you get 2 more hard-boiled eggs, 2 glasses of white wine, and more black coffee. You’re definitely tipsy now, and if you don’t live alone, the smell of the eggs digesting has probably run your partner out of the house.

For dinner, you can include a 5 oz steak and finish off your bottle of wine, plus indulge in more coffee if you want/need it. No way you’re sober, and without any fiber in sight, you’re probably not willing to venture too far from your toilet, anyway.

Which is exactly what most people who replied on Twitter latched onto, with varying degrees of hilarity.

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Diane McMartin, a writer at The Kitchn tried the diet (no word on for how long), and was surprised at the (presumably unintended) results:

“Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the lack of food, but I legit felt sad by the end of the day. Weepy, even. Like, as I was sitting in bed reading, waiting until it was acceptable to go to sleep because I was so exhausted, and I could have burst into tears at any moment.”

So, that’s not great. I’m sad enough without having an upset stomach and a fuzzy head by bedtime.

As far as the experts, they have weighed in on this, and I’m sure you’re not surprised they find the whole thing ludicrous. Julie Stefanski, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, went off for the The Daily Meal:

“If an intermittent fasting regiment went on a drinking binge in a henhouse, you’d pretty much have this diet. This random menu (I don’t even want to call it a diet) provides 1103 calories with43% of those calories coming from the alcohol calories in the wine!”

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There are some days when drinking your calories seems like a good idea (and some days when it actually is) but trying to keep up with this for more than twenty-four hours is obviously a disaster in the making. The next time I raise a glass of dry Chablis, I’ll remember the poor women back in the day who gave it a shot because Vogue said so.