This Woman Convinced Her Mom That Keanu Reeves Was Her Boyfriend, and I Wish She Was My BFF

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If you’ve been single well into your 20s, 30s, or beyond, then you’ve likely not escaped the commentary from well-meaning relatives hoping you’ll meet “the right guy” and settle down. In that case, you can probably sympathize with 32-year-old Zahra Haider.

She was just looking to have a little fun with her mom (who is of course very invested in her romantic life), so after watching John Wick 3 and remembering her love for Keanu, she sent a text introducing him to her Ammi (mom) as her new boyfriend.

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Zahra wasn’t initially sure whether or not Ammi knew who he was, but she quickly realized the game could continue.

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“We’re huge trolls in this family, so we’re joking and laughing and trolling each other all the time. That day, in particular, I was on a Keanu kick. My mom just happened to get caught up in it. I though she’d catch on but she never did and so I decided to take it as far as I could.”

Her mom was just so sweet about the entire thing – even when she learned it was all a joke, Haider told Buzzfeed.

“I called her to tell her it was a joke and she’s like, ‘He does seem wonderful but he might be a little too old for you.”

As for Ammi, she is taking her brief moment of fame in stride. Because of course she is.

Image Credit: Twitter

Twitter loved the entire exchange (obviously):

Haider figures that if Twitter is good for one thing, why not another? So, she passed on a message to the man himself:

“If you are single and ready for a lady friend to accompany you on your motorcycle, I can probably clear my schedule.”

Your move, Keanu. The internet is waiting to hear your reply.

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