This Woman Found a Baby Possum Clinging to Her Dog’s Back

Image Credit: Facebook

Let’s just get this out of the way: possums might be ugly and weird – but they also eat ticks, so they can stay.

Which is not to say that I wouldn’t have freaked out and possibly screamed  if a tiny one rode into my house on my dog’s back.

That’s exactly what happened to a woman named Sally – not once, but twice.

To be clear, these are not United States possums – they’re possums from Australia, where apparently they are cute.

She shared about the incidents on Facebook, detailing how she found a tiny, female possum on the back of their dog, Kato.

So here’s something you don’t see every day. A Puli (Kato) with an orphaned baby possum attached. Said possum apparently found Kato and climbed aboard to hitch a ride. Jon spent the rest of the afternoon researching wild life rescue and eventually had to walk the dogs to a nearby vet to let them take the possum prior to collection by the wildlife rescue. Hugo and Kato seemed to barely notice it was there. Its most surprising that Hugo was not barking frantically at it. Apparently Kato was seemingly oblivious also

She and her husband cared for the little lady while they contacted their vet and then a wildlife rescue, proving they are amazing humans who handled a weird situation in the perfect way.

And then it happened again!

UPDATE!!! It happened again!!! so bizarre. Today I went to Jon’s house to pick to find Kato again with another baby possum, this time on his actual back. Quite astonishing. This one was annoying him a bit more as it seemed to be digging in a bit, Hugo was still ignoring it. This time the vet nurse nearly fell off her chair when we turned up.

Good news though that first possum is a little girl who is doing well and is now with a wildlife carer until she is well and old enough to be released. Second possum is a little boy who should also be ok.

And now all of you who have dogs are prepared.

Or at least, as prepared as you can be, should this or something similar happen to you.