This Woman Is Resentful About The Gifts She Received For Her Birthday. Is She Just Ungrateful?

Our parents taught us that when we receive gifts we should say thank you and smile no matter what. Even if it’s something you have, something you don’t like, or something you didn’t ask for, a gift is a gift and you can complain about it later to your mom.

Unless it was from your mom.

This woman doesn’t want to be ungrateful, but as a woman who recently became a mom herself, she found the gifts she received from her family to make maintaining her own identity that much harder.

Even though this is her first baby she has no need for more baby clothes. That said, her family hasn’t listened very well, buying more things for her daughter to wear than she’ll ever manage to get much use out of before she outgrows them.

Now it’s OP’s birthday and what does she get?

More presents for baby.

So I just had a baby a few months ago and a lot of people have been really generous with buying us baby clothes. I asked my family to stop because we have more than enough clothes. We also get hand me downs but some family insist on buying brand new stuff for us because they don’t want my baby wearing “just hand me downs”.

So it was my birthday a week ago and a few family members got me birthday gifts. One family member gave me a huge fancy gift bag and inside was all baby stuff. Bibs, clothes and soothers all stuff I already have and don’t need more of.

I guess I look disappointed so she made a comment about how rude it was to not appreciate a gift. Another family member sheepishly handed me another gift and it was another f**king “I love my mom” type of onesie.

I tried to act thankful but some family members could tell I was upset.

They are accusing her of being selfish and even jealous of her own child, but upon self-examination, OP really thinks she would have been happy with any gift at all as long as it had been chosen for her and not her baby.

Several people have told me I was ungrateful and selfish and I should just appreciate what I’ve gotten but I’m so upset. I feel like no one cares about me just my daughter. When I told a friend about this they said I’m an a$$hole for being jealous of my child and I should just appreciate all the nice things they got for my baby.

Am I the a$$hole for not appreciating what I got. Am I honestly being jealous of my baby?

I didn’t want anything extravagant this year I would have been happy with something from the thrift store as long as was meant for me and not my child.

I felt like some people used my birthday as an excuse to go baby shopping. I know everyone is excited for my baby and I love them more than anything but it’s like everyone has forgotten about me.

What does Reddit say? Does the “just say thank you” rule apply?

Let’s find out!

The top comment definitely validates the way OP was feeling.

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It should really go without saying that your birthday is supposed to be all about you.

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Women are not only mothers after they give birth.

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I had no idea this was a thing so many people dealt with. Ew.

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The general sense is that her friends and family are just way out of line.

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Y’all, I would be so hurt if my family did this after I had children.

Would you? Tell us how you would have responded down in the comments!