This Woman Makes Look-Alike Dolls for Children With Disabilities

Dolls are great toys and they stimulate the imaginations of kids all over. But the problem with them is that they don’t always look like the kids that play with them. That’s kind of a shame.

A woman in Wisconsin, though, has set out to fill the gap she saw between children with disabilities and the perfectly-abled and flawless skinned dolls they play with. Amy Jandrisevits’ dolls she makes for kids are plushes that look exactly like their beautiful human playmates. The toys are a part of her non-profit called “A Doll Like Me,” and they bring big smiles to kids who can now have a playmate they can relate to.

Her Facebook page has more than 45,000 fans who love to see her creations and their kid-buddies.

She’s a former pediatric oncology social worker with a big heart for these sweet kids who don’t always see others that look like them.

But now these children can turn to their doll and see a familar face.

Amy’s dolls are wait-listed for around two years.

Even so, she puts all the love and time she needs to in each one.

She told People, “I am invited to such an intimate part of families’ lives. I love that connection.”

She makes the dolls in her home and loves that she can use her artistic talents to help give children a boost of confidence.

Her Facebook followers love her dolls and the smiles of the kids who have them.

She’s a mom too and she loves to sew for these kids. Ultimately, she hopes she’s part of a movement toward more representation and inclusivity of people with disabilities.

Just look at all those smiles!