This Woman Tried to Make Her Friend Change Her Dog’s Name So It Wouldn’t Match Her Baby’s


If the internet has taught us anything for sure, it’s that human beings have the capability of being super, duper selfish.

This woman, though, may have taken things to a whole new level when she messaged a friend to let her know she was pregnant with a baby girl…and attached one tiny little request.


She wanted to name her daughter Tillie, but didn’t want her to have the same name as the poster’s dog (also Tilly), so could Jennay please consider changing her pup’s name?

Image Credit: Twitter

The answer was no, of course, because the woman was being ridiculous.

A point she drove home when she completely lost her sh*t.

Image Credit: Twitter

Bye, Felicia has never been more appropriate, a fact that literally everyone who replied agreed on.



Crazy lady can blame it on the hormones, I guess, but Jennay probably isn’t going to be sending over a baby gift.

Oh, well.