This Woman Walked Til She Bled to Prove a Point About Her Work’s Senseless Dress Code

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Men really don’t get what it’s like to be a woman, which is perhaps understandable, as they are not and never have been a woman. But it’s also the reason why they should, you know, listen to actual women when it comes to their own lived experiences. Things like what’s comfortable to wear for work.

Reddit user u/Inconvenientsilence works at a U.K. casino as a bartender. She stewed quietly as management altered things so that the male bartenders stayed behind the bar and the females were made to circulate with trays.

She could not take it sitting down, though, when they changed the dress code – for the female bartenders only.

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Instead of being able to wear black slacks, a black shirt, and comfortable shoes for their 12-hour shifts, women began to be expected to wear tight gray dresses and high heels.

Despite protests from the female staff, who told management that their feet wouldn’t be able to manage the long shift on their feet, management insisted.

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So, this Reddit user decided to do exactly what they wanted in order to prove her point.

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By the end of her shift, her feet were literally running with blood and she was shaking with pain.

Management was shocked to see what their dress code caused, but they also clearly understood the message and backed down.

Image Credit: Reddit

I want to say good for this woman, but honestly, men should not have to see actual blood for them to listen to their female employees.

Just sayin’.