This Woman Wants to Know if She Was Wrong for Quitting Her Job

Sometimes, you just gotta quit a job if it’s too toxic or it’s time to go for whatever reason.

And a woman who works as a waitress wants to know if she acted like an a**hole for walking out on her job.

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AITA for walking out on my job?

“I (29f) work as a waitress at a restaurant with a point system.

It’s 1 point if you are late, 3 points to call off with notice, and 5 points for calling off within 4 hours of your shift. This is fine with me as I have no points this year and have only called off once since 2018. I’m the type who covers shifts, stays late and generally just go to do my job.

Last week, I ended up calling off and was out for a week due to being hospitalized in the ICU with a horrible infection. I let my boss know at 2am that I was being sent out by helicopter and kept her informed of everything going on. Today was my first day back. I’m not 100% yet but like many places, we are short staffed.

When I came in today, I opened and got to work. My boss came in 2 hours later and called me into her office. She informed me I was getting 8 points, losing my discounts and bonuses for 90 days, and was on probation. I was dumbfounded and told her I wasn’t signing the papers as it was out of my control. She said if I didn’t, I would be terminated. I told her not to bother and walked out.

I’m now getting calls and texts from her and my coworkers saying they need me and I was an a** for quitting over something so small. My husband thinks I was in the right because it was ridiculous that I was getting punished for almost dying.


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