This Woman Created A Detailed Lockdown List And Routine, Trying To Bring Stability To Her Life

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Some people love making lists — pros and cons, to do, groceries, etc. Others are happiest when they’re just free-floating through the day, without much structure to guide them.

One Twitter user shared her (nearly) hour-by-hour list of activities for the days when she finds herself at home alone with tons of free time on her hands.

The schedule is really thorough, even going so far as to include little details like showering and taking vitamins.

She’s got everything she needs for a complete day, ranging from mental stimulation to working out to hobbies like reading, baking and painting.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The Twitter user said she has major depressive disorder, so sticking to a routine really seems to help her.

But she also cautioned against anyone being too hard on themselves, especially during times of uncertainty and stress:

Of course, this is the internet, so a few people had to chime in and poke a little fun at such a detailed daily rundown.

Some people said they’re spending a lot more time near the fridge and the pantry:

Others were more specific:

Some Twitter users said they’re spending more time in bed with all this newfound free time:

No matter what you’re doing to stay busy these days, it’s always interesting to take a peek into someone else’s life and see how they live. This woman’s detailed routine may not exactly be your style, but it might serve as a small source of inspiration somewhere down the line.

What’s your preferred way to spend a free day? Do you like making tons of plans or just winging it and seeing what happens?

Let us know either way in the comments!