This Woman’s First Date Fail Has People Talking About Simple Manners

Dating is rough, y’all, and I’m betting that was true even in the days before we mostly had to make due with assessing people on the internet before we decided whether or not we were going to meet them in person.

Sometimes we learn, and very quickly, that we’ve made a misstep in deciding that person was worth more of our time. That’s what first dates are for, I suppose – to weed out the losers.

And if nothing else, I suppose author Alisha Rai can thank this guy for letting her know what sort of person he is right up front.

The date started off ok, with the guy asking what sort of coffee she wanted and fetching and paying for the order. When he returned to the table with the drinks, he also had two cake pops, and Alisha thought this was a cute gesture.

Until he ate them both without offering her so much as a bite.

She couldn’t stop thinking about what sort of person does this while on a date, when presumably they’re trying to put their best foot forward.

It was funny, but also it made her feel terrible.

They were Valentine’s Day cake pops, by the way.

Twitter, of course, had some thoughts on the matter.

One of which was how many ways they could hurt him.

And some people didn’t think it was a small, funny thing at all – but something large and telling and yes, a huge dealbreaker.

While others thought that at least he’d put on no airs about what a relationship with him would be like.

It was sort of equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

What are your thoughts on this?

I think anyone who tried to tell her she was the bad person for being offended/tweeting about it/bailing out needs to take a hard look at their own life choices.

I’m just saying.